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Specialty Asset Management

Diversifying Your Wealth with Nonfinancial Assets


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Farms, timberland and other nonfinancial specialty assets may offer financial benefits, while helping to diversify your overall portfolio.

Our approach

The Specialty Asset Management team1 has extensive experience managing timber, farm and ranch land, oil, gas and mineral interests, real estate and private businesses. They can help you integrate these nonfinancial assets into your overall wealth management plan.

The team can help you realize your objectives with assets you already own or seek to acquire, and can provide a wide range of services in managing these complex assets.



Farm and Ranch Services

Bank of America professionals directly coordinates the management of farm and ranch land with a goal of enhancing its value. Additionally, they can help you acquire and manage your agricultural investment.

Real Estate

Specialized investment and asset management services can help meet your objectives for properties or development acreage you hold directly, in an entity,  or in trust. 

Timberland Services

Professional forestry solutions as well as services for timberland investments – customized to help you meet your goals.

Private Business

The team offers strategic evaluation and management of closely held business interests for owners and heirs. 

Oil, Gas and Mineral Interests

Benefit from management services for all types of oil, gas and mineral interests held in trusts or investment management accounts focused on optimizing their value.

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Frequently asked questions

Real assets are tangible, non-financial specialty assets that offer financial benefits while helping to diversify your overall investment strategy. This asset class includes farmland, timberland, real estate, private business, and oil and gas interests, and offers increased return potential and lower volatility for investors. 

The Bank of America Specialty Asset Management (SAM) team offers the strategic insight and specialized expertise required to manage and maximize investment potential. Today, the team manages client assets with a total asset value of $12.6 billion.

Farm and ranch

  • Professional land management
  • Annual reviews of asset performance and market conditions
  • Soil, water and wildlife conservation programs


  • Timber inventory and asset analysis
  • Acquisition and disposition services
  • Conservation and environmental management

Real estate

  • Strategic guidance and due diligence for acquisitions
  • Highest and best use analysis
  • Property marketing and sales services

Oil and gas

  • Customized property management services
  • Farm-out, unitization agreement and other contract negotiation
  • Environmental inspections         

Private business

  • Strategic planning and oversight
  • Risk monitoring
  • Business succession planning

Specialty Asset Management may be right for you and your financial goals if you are looking to diversify your wealth management plan, balance your investment portfolio and potentially grow and preserve wealth.

For farmland, timberland and commercial real estate investments, there is no minimum net worth required, though clients should possess at least $1 million in asset value. For oil and gas investments, a minimum of $600,00 annual income from the asset is required.

If you wish to invest in direct ownership of farmland, timberland and/or real estate, a minimum $10 million investment is required, along with at least a $100 million net worth.