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Perspectives Podcast

Our experts go beyond the headlines to examine the forces that are changing our world—and how they impact our lives.

Cyber Security

Episode Length 22:14

Map of the world folded

From our social media accounts to our medical records, much of our most personal information is readily available online. But who has access to it, and how can we protect ourselves from the growing threat of cyber crime? We explore the challenges and offer guidance for keeping our digital lives safe.

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Women Ri$ing

Episode Length 23:01

Map of the world folded

Women have made enormous economic and social gains in recent years. We look at the progress they’ve made, where there’s room for growth and how the unique financial journeys many women travel require a different approach to saving, investing and planning for the future.

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Getting Schooled

Episode Length 21:33

Map of the world folded

The rising cost of college can make it feel more high pressure than ever. In "Getting Schooled,” our hosts examine how families can plan and prepare ahead so it doesn't feel so overwhelming, and also look at some potential alternatives to a traditional college degree.

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A World Apart

Episode Length 18:41

Map of the world folded

In many respects the U.S. economy is in the best shape it's been in years—so why is the rest of the world slowing down?  We take a trip around the world to look for answers, and also explore global trends that could offer promising opportunities.

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Bulls, Bears and Volatility

Episode Length 17:14

digital bear and bull

Markets often go through periods when they zoom up and down. But does this volatility mean a bear market is on the way, and what’s the best way for investors to react? In “Bulls, Bears and Volatility,” our hosts explain what it means for all of us.

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Growth Town, U.S.A.

Episode Length 17:29

Cityscape across from a river and in between two bridges

What's driving the growth of the U.S. economy, and can it keep going? We look at cities reinventing themselves across America to explore the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit of the country—and what it could mean for your financial future.

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Good Tech, Bad Tech

Episode Length 20:57

Three dimensional wireframe of a hand pointing

We've got robots making us coffee, but are we better off? From automation to longer lives, we look at how technology is changing daily life—and the economy—for good and bad.

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