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The long-term case for stocks, with Jeremy Siegel

The best-selling author of Stocks for the Long Run shares his thoughts on the markets — and why he believes staying invested is the best approach to take during volatile times.

Periods of volatility can be unnerving — and can even tempt us to get out of the markets altogether. As legendary long-term investor Jeremy Siegel suggests, “Don't panic when these situations cause so much anxiety. Stay the course, diversify and be broad based.”

In this video conversation with Chris Hyzy, Chief Investment Officer for Merrill and Bank of America Private Bank, Siegel shares ideas on how to maintain perspective during times of heightened uncertainty and points to the steady long-term upward trend that equities have maintained over the past 200-plus years.  The two also share thoughts on the current business cycle and what Siegel finds most encouraging about today’s younger investors.

Watch the video to learn more and also read our article 7 keys to getting through a prolonged market downturn.

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