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Realizing your philanthropic vision

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Philanthropic Solutions is committed to making your philanthropic endeavors more effective, efficient, and personally fulfilling. Drawing on our deep resources and experience in philanthropy, we can work with you to design, implement, and evaluate your philanthropic plan.

Philanthropic Solutions National Consulting and Advisory Services can help make your philanthropic vision a reality.

Your philanthropic aspirations are central to the design and delivery of our consulting and advisory services.

Our philanthropic consultants are knowledgeable in the many aspects of the donor experience. We can work with you from your earliest inspiration through to the realization of your philanthropic goals. We recognize that becoming an effective donor is a continuous and iterative process and are equipped to help you manage the dynamic shifts that may arise — in both your philanthropic goals and in the communities in which you seek to achieve them.

Your philanthropy: From inspiration to realization



What issues matter most to me?
What is my philanthropic purpose?
What is my vision for my community or the world (for example, end homelessness, cure cancer, protect wildlife)? 


How can I impact these issues with my philanthropy? 
What do I need to learn in order to be most effective?
Are there others I would like to engage?





Am I giving as effectively and efficiently as I could be?
Is my philanthropic strategy working?
What types of organizations should I support? 
Is my philanthropy responding to the needs of the community?
Where would I like to have an impact (local, national or international)?


How do I determine whether my giving is making a difference?
Am I satisfied with the results of my giving? 
Am I personally fulfilled from my charitable activity?
How do I evaluate the impact of giving?


  • Passion and Purpose — Philanthropy is most effective and sustainable when it is connected to what inspires and matters most to you. We can help you to identify and affirm your values and interest areas and to articulate them in the form of a mission statement to guide your giving.  


  • Education — Among the tenets of successful philanthropy is the willingness to continuously learn from your experiences. With our broad array of resources, we can help you develop and implement a learning plan designed to enhance your knowledge of the issues you choose to address.
  • Participation — When donors are engaged with their giving, they are likely to be more effective and more personally fulfilled. For some, this means volunteering or partnering with grant recipients in addition to providing financial support. For others, broadening their philanthropy to include family members may provide the meaningful participation they seek. We will help you to determine your ideal level and type of engagement, while helping you to inspire the participation of others, as desired.


  • Grantmaking — Selecting which organizations to support in furtherance of your philanthropic mission can be challenging. We can help you to develop and establish the criteria to guide your funding decisions and to structure your grantmaking to maximize your ability to achieve a positive impact. If desired, our grantmaking specialists can assist you by participating in site visits to potential grant recipients, devising grant terms, incorporating alternative giving mechanisms beyond traditional grantmaking, and helping to expand your network to include others seeking similar charitable goals. We also offer Foundation Advisory Services to ensure the more transactional administrative services of your foundation’s back office runs smoothly.1


  • Evaluation and Impact — The ability to measure success or progress is a critical component of effective philanthropy. We will help you to establish criteria with which to assess whether you are achieving your giving goals and to adjust your giving strategy accordingly so that your giving can be both successful, satisfying and joyful.

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