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The Next Gen Summit

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During The Summit, the next generation of investors and leaders hear from our experts and other luminaries on an a variety of topics—from trusts & estates to the markets, from philanthropy to art, cybersecurity and more. Attendees enjoy the chance to network with each other and Bank of America leaders. Our most recent program was hosted September 2023, below are some highlights.



Helping the Next Generation Align Passion, Purpose and Prosperity

“The Next Gen is curious. They want to be good stewards. They want to leave a legacy for their family. The Next Gen wants to grow.” ~ Dessie Nash



Family First with Barbara Pierce Bush and Jenna Bush Hager

“We saw him as our dad.  He’s the first text message I wake up to every single day. And it's really simple, but to me it's like “I'm here, and I love you.” And I just think the consistency of that makes me feel very loved, you know, no matter what.”
~ Barbara Pierce Bush



Helping the Next Generation Create Extraordinary Philanthropic Impact

“The rising generation includes all-in social change makers. They are crystal clear about their personal values and the social impact they want to achieve in the world, and they're aligning both with their strategies. And then they leverage all of their resources to achieve those goals.” ~ Dianne Chipps Bailey



Helping the Next Generation Navigate Family Dynamics

“Your parents, to some degree view you as a young version of them, but you are not a young version of them because your experiences are not their own experiences.” ~Chris Desantis



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