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Market Updates

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February 10, 2020

Many investors have questioned whether this market is similar to that of the late 1990s, but there are some key differences; the United Kingdom formally leaves the European Union; a look at governance in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index.

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February 3, 2020

There are some early signs that the reflation process is starting to bear fruit, the world’s largest and most important bilateral commercial relationship remains under considerable strain due to rising U.S.-EU trade tensions and the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus produced a risk-off reaction.

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January 27, 2020

We see U.S. business investment growing in the low-to-mid single digits in 2020, explore the significance of the U.S. as an “economic silverback”—the older and dominate economic power of the planet, and cite long-term factors supporting gold as a portfolio diversifier.

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January 21, 2020

We examine why traditional equity valuation metrics have trended higher in recent decades, study the impact of global consumer spending on the economy, and consider the risk of negative corporate bond returns.

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January 13, 2020

Catalysts in Focus for 2020
The powerful rally in equities to close out 2019 was a mirror image to the precipitous selloff to end 2018. Headwinds ranging from tight monetary policy, to fears of an earnings recession, to trade uncertainty and slower global growth all began to fade as U.S. equities rallied to new all-time highs in what was the strongest year for the S&P 500 since 2013. While we remain bullish, there are plenty of catalysts this year that could create risk to the upside or downside. Here we outline some of the major catalysts for investors to watch.

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