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Give with greater impact

Gifts to your donor-advised fund can now be invested in actively managed investment portfolios that target competitive financial returns and seek positive environmental and social effects

Donor-advised funds (DAFs) offer a convenient, flexible, tax-advantaged way of giving that offers your irrevocable contributions, because they are invested, the opportunity to potentially grow over time. These benefits help make DAFs one of the fastest-growing philanthropic vehicles, with contributions increasing an average of 24% annually over the past decade.1 They can be even more appealing when you know that your contributions can be invested in sustainable investing portfolios. “Sustainable investments offer donors the potential to magnify the impact of their charitable giving — aligning their values and charitable priorities to both their grant and asset management strategies,” explains Donald J. Greene, national donor-advised fund executive, Bank of America Private Bank.

To that end, seven portfolios with sustainable investment strategies are available through the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund. “Our sustainable portfolios offer donors the potential to stay true to their values regardless of the investment objective they’ve selected to reflect their charitable giving strategy with the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund,” says Greene. Donors can make gifts directly through the Charitable Gift Fund’s online portal to any of the more than 1.8 million IRS-recognized charities in the U.S.

Graphic providing reasons investors should consider putting donor-advised fund (DAF) contributions in sustainable investing portfolios. See link below for complete description.

Ask your advisor for more information on how a donor-advised fund works, and whether the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund might help you meet your giving goals.

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