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What’s fair vs. equal within families?

This video, featuring Dr. Karl Pillemer of Cornell University, and our expert panelists, explores what’s fair vs. equal when it comes to families and legacy planning.

Group selfie of cheerful multi-generation family at yard

The panel will discuss how issues of fairness may impact long-term family harmony and best practices to avoid discordance. Experts will look to answer the question – why is it so hard to be “fair”?

The panel will cover a range of topics, including:

  • The importance of having conversations early
  • Potential impact of perceived parental favoritism
  • Tips to help families navigate issues that may arise


Moderated by:

Anita Saggurti Headshot

Anita Saggurti
Next Gen Strategy Executive
Bank of America Private Bank


Jennifer Erdelyi headshot

Jennifer Erdelyi
Wealth Strategist
Bank of America Private Bank

Rocky Fittizzi Headshot

Rocky Fittizzi
Wealth Strategist
Bank of America Private Bank  

Dr. Karl Pillemer Headshot

Dr. Karl Pillemer
Professor of Human Development
Cornell University

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