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Sustainable and Impact Investing Solutions for Nonprofit Institutions, Endowments & Foundations

Pursue positive change. Seek competitive returns.

Sustainable and impact investments seek positive social and environmental effects while targeting competitive financial returns. 

Our Approach

By focusing on what’s important to your organization, we begin by understanding your endowment or foundation’s short- and long-term investment goals, creating a unique blend of managers and styles, whether focused on climate change, affordable housing, gender equality or other investment preferences, that support all facets of your organization’s mission.

While sustainable and impact investing focuses on sustainable responsible companies and funds, the end goal is to help your organization meet its financial needs. Our approach highlights the connections between business performance and societal benefit and helps you invest to reflect your mission while pursuing competitive returns.

You can choose the impact approaches that you prefer through our A-B-C framework:1

  • Avoid: Seeks to reduce negative social or environmental effects and manage risk by limiting certain exposures 
  • Benefit: Seeks to support positive social or environmental practices and enhance potential for long-term competitive financial returns
  • Contribute: Seeks to advance positive, measurable social or environmental outcomes and target opportunities where impact is intrinsic to financial performance

We also use environmental, social and governance data and metrics to assess the sustainability profiles of investments across the following themes:

  • People: Commitment to engaged and healthy workers
  • Planet: Contributions to climate and sustainability and environmental responsibility
  • Principles of Governance: Commitment to ethics and societal benefit
  • Prosperity: Contributions to equitable, innovative economic growth and sustainable communities  


A Dedicated Team

Your portfolio strategist can utilize a wide variety of sustainable investing strategies with the potential to balance the need to grow underlying capital with the entity’s distribution obligations.

Open Architecture

Our sustainable investing platform includes a range of high-conviction* third party managers, including exchange-traded funds, separately managed accounts, mutual funds and multi-manager solutions, with different approaches to impact.  

Socially Innovative Investing Strategies

These customizable strategies can focus on the objectives and interests important to your organization, including gender equality, environmental sustainability, religion or human rights.

ESG-Only Strategies

A suite of impact-investing focused strategies across asset classes. In addition, a growing number of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have a social or environmental focus such as the empowerment of women, sustainable energy and climate change.

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