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Strategic Philanthropy &
Grantmaking for Individuals & Families

Giving with Passion and Purpose

Philanthropy is about more than making charitable contributions. It is about living according to your values and supporting what matters most to you. 

Our Approach

Philanthropy offers a unique opportunity to enrich your life, establish or continue a tradition of giving, share your skills and experience and unite your family around a common purpose. It begins with what matters most to you. 

Your advisor can bring you our broad suite of philanthropic services to help you maximize the benefit of your charitable contributions — for the causes you support, for your sense of personal fulfillment and to help ensure that your giving fits seamlessly with your other financial goals. This approach can enable you to share your financial success with others and create a lasting legacy of giving.

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Family and Individual Philanthropy

Ann Limberg:

Hi, I'm Ann Limberg and I lead a team of over 200 specialists across Bank of America who can help families like yours make a positive change in the world.

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Ann Limberg, Head of Philanthropic & Family Office Solutions.

We're here to maximize your impact by helping to ensure that your vision is clear and your strategy is aligned with your values, that your generosity is implemented in an organized and an efficient way, and that it's being constantly evaluated and refined.

Hi, I'm Ann Limberg and I lead a team of over 200 specialists across Bank of America who can help families like yours make a positive change in the world.

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Whether you're interested in a family foundation, a donor advise fund, or a charitable trust, we can help you be much more strategic with your philanthropy. It all starts with understanding what's most important to you and to your family, and this is your vision.

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First, we'll help you clarify your mission by facilitating discussions within your family. Through a series of workshops, conversations, and tools, we can help identify your values, and we'll help you define that vision through a mission statement.

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From there, we can begin to create a strategy to help achieve your goals. We'll help think through governance procedures, set criteria to guide funding decisions, and ultimately connect with organizations that might be a good fit for you.

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We'll move from there to implementation and make that strategy your reality. That could be through developing grant guidelines in an application process or facilitating the grant request or even providing ongoing education.

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No implementation is complete with measuring and optimizing the impact. As we evaluate the results of your philanthropy, we can continue to refine that process to get better results or pivot as your mission evolves. We're here to take the burden of administration off your shoulders and let you focus on the most wonderful part of giving and that's the impact. It's a great privilege for us to be in that conversation with you day in and day out.

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