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Impact Investingfor Individuals & Families

Aligning Your Investments with Your Social and Environmental Values

Impact investing solutions can help you pursue positive, societal change and competitive returns.


Our Approach

If you intend to align your values with your overall investment plan, we start by identifying opportunities that fit your goals from both a financial and societal perspective. Whether you’re focused on food scarcity, gender equality or other concerns, your portfolio manager can create a customized impact investment plan that reflects your goals. 

While impact investing focuses on sustainable companies and funds, the key word is investing—with the end goal of helping you build and retain your wealth. Impact investing opportunities and approaches have grown in both size and quality over the years. Businesses ultimately will be able to realize cost savings through innovations, resource efficiency, and revenue enhancements via sustainable products, which in turn should lead to better performance and profits.


A Dedicated Team

Your portfolio manager can utilize a wide variety of impact investing strategies with the potential to meet or exceed the risk and return profiles of traditional (non-impact focused) strategies.

ESG-Only Strategies

A suite of impact-investing focused strategies across asset classes, including equities, bonds, real estate investment trusts (REITs) and private equity (for qualified investors). In addition, a growing number of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have a social or environmental focus such as the empowerment of women, sustainable energy and climate change.

Externally Managed Solutions

These mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and externally managed separate accounts include impact strategies for equity and fixed income, globally.

Socially Innovative Investing Strategies

These customized strategies focus on objectives and interests important to many clients, such as gender equality, environmental sustainability, religion or human rights.


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