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Family Wealth Services for Individuals & Families

Addressing an Array of Specialized Wealth Needs That May Affect You and Your Family

We help you manage the intricate relationship between family and wealth. 

Our Approach

Today’s families are complex, with closely intertwined lifestyle and financial needs. A family’s diverse values, generational differences and varied planning objectives may require a customized approach. 

We offer a range of family wealth services designed to address the many issues that you, your parents, your children and your extended family are likely to encounter as you navigate today’s world. We can draw upon expertise in wealth structuring, investment management, credit and banking to offer a thoughtful, integrated wealth plan. 

Families are complex today. Their needs are complex. We think about age and we think about people living longer. We think about issues such as domestic partners and same-sex couples. We think about the unique planning needs of women. We think about appropriately addressing the goals and aspirations not only of the client in the generation that we’re working with, but the generation that's coming next. 

Family Wealth Services is a suite of solutions that we have developed in order to address not only the needs of our existing clients but of their extended families’ as well.

We have developed a program we call Financial Empowerment to assist the next generation in understanding investments, understanding life-changing events; starting a job, getting married, buying a home. All critical areas where we can provide ongoing assistance in terms of working with the next generation

We think about the needs of the older generation. Many people are not really thinking about how to address the extended care needs that the older generation will have, until in fact they are faced with it. 

We’ve developed an eldercare offering so that we're in a position to offer that level of assistance to them, both in terms of what we can do through the talent and expertise at U.S. Trust, and through relationships we’ve developed with organizations that can help as well.

Often times for a variety of reasons families are very interested in having family members serve as a trustee. Or having family members serve as executor or personal representative. And we can work with them in terms of asset management, trust administration, some of the tax and planning issues that they will face. All of the very real issues that individuals will agree to do for all the right reasons and then find they either aren’t equipped to do them, don’t have the time to do them, and that's where we’re in a position at U.S. Trust to really offer assistance.

And lastly as we think about giving back; as we think about families who have either inherited wealth or families who have created wealth, what becomes very important in so many instances is the ability to pass not only their wealth to the next generation, but also passing their values. And in many instances that's through philanthropy. 

And so through values-based planning and a large philanthropic business and experience at U.S. Trust we’re in a position to work with individuals to fulfill their philanthropic dreams. 

At U.S. trust our clients mean everything to us, and their families mean everything to them. Our responsibility is to help them achieve their aspirations that they have. And that's a responsibility that we take very seriously.

An approach based on your life and values

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Women and Wealth

Learn about and create wealth management strategies tailored to your individual priorities and investing preferences.  


Help create and shape a legacy that aligns with your family’s philanthropy goals by leveraging a range of philanthropic vehicles, including donor-advised funds, charitable trusts and private foundations.   

ElderCare Services

Evaluate options to care for your elderly relatives and to plan for your own needs as you age. We can help in organizing information and documents as well as wealth and estate planning. We may also be able to help in facilitating care coordination through our relationships. 

Financial Empowerment

Our comprehensive financial education program is built to help inform the financial decisions you make today and support a solid foundation for your financial future. 

LGBT Planning

Whatever the legal landscape, you need to be able to financially support each other and your children, build and preserve your wealth and transfer that wealth according to your wishes. 

Agent for Trustee

We work with family members and other individuals who have been named trustee or executor and assist them in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities.

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