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Art Services for Individuals & Families

Specialized Advice to Help Navigate the Complexities of the Art World

Unlock the potential of your art collection. 

Our Approach

At Bank of America Private Bank, we offer extensive art services. We provide solutions for collectors and institutions while helping to navigate the complex art world. For individuals, we help collectors unlock capital via Bank of America by lending against collections when certain criteria are met. We also help design estate plan options to address tax and other implications of a collection, and help collectors prepare for a sale via consignment services. For institutions, we provide nonprofit advisory services, including endowment management and institutional investment management ranging from a collaborative model to a complete Outsourced Chief Investment Officer(OCIO) option.

Whatever your specific goals are for your collection, our range of capabilities, along with our commitment to the arts, can help us deliver a broad combination of services while considering the legacy and potential of your collection as part of your overall financial goals.


Art Lending

Our dedicated Bank of America art credit specialists can help you unlock the potential liquidity of your collection through an art loan. You select the art that will serve as collateral, while simultaneously keeping your collection on display.

Nonprofit Services

Over 100 art museums and cultural institutions across the U.S. benefit from our endowment management, ranging from a collaborative model to a complete Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) option. In addition, we can also offer consulting on governance, grants and donor strategies, and board relationships.

Art Planning

Our art-focused wealth strategists help you manage your collection as part of your overall financial strategy, considering tax, legacy and other implications in your trust, estate and philanthropic planning.

Consignment Services

We can help optimize the sale of your artwork via our consignment services capability. Our preferred relationships with auction houses and other service providers helps maximize the value of your transaction via prenegotiated terms, or we have the ability to negotiate customized terms for very valuable collections, all while keeping you apprised of art trends and seasonality.

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