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Your Personal Inventory Manager

We stand ready with an array of services and solutions designed to help you be well organized, prepared and connected to the resources you need when dealing with life's transitions.

Welcome to an overview of U.S. Trust’s organizational tool for clients, Your Personal Inventory Manager.

Rising healthcare costs. Responsibility for an aging parent. Who will care for me as I grow older. These are some of the top personal concerns of wealthy individuals uncovered in market research.

At U.S. Trust, we help our clients and their families address these types of issues every day through our ElderCare Planning program.

This program focuses on four key areas: organizational services, facilitating care management, wealth planning, and estate planning.

We understand that helping our clients get organized and plan for their future contributes to their comfort. Gathering and documenting critical personal, financial and medical information in one place is an important step clients can take.

To help with this process, U.S. Trust has created a tool called Your Personal Inventory Manager.

This Inventory Manager can serve as a comprehensive repository to help clients keep track of critical data such as the location of family and financial records or contact information for doctors and advisors.

In addition to helping clients arrange their own matters, they can use this Inventory Manager to help elderly relatives identify and organize their personal information. Organizing this vital information provides an invaluable benefit to clients, their families and loved ones.

If a client or a loved one experiences an unforeseen illness, having this information readily available will allow another to step in and assume responsibility for the affairs of the person who is ill.

For example, you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you or someone you love is in the hospital emergency room, questions are being asked by doctors and hospital staff and no one has access to the information that will help provide the answers.

Your Personal Inventory Manager serves as a one stop place to store vital information including contact information for the executor of an estate, and emergency contacts.

There are sections for banking and investment accounts, specialized assets and even social security details.

There is also a caregiver supplement that focuses on the information a caregiver may need if a situation arises.

The Inventory Manager is available in both printed and digital format exclusively through a U.S. Trust advisor.

Once the document has been filled in, you must decide where to store it – for example, you may choose to entrust this document with a family member, a spouse or partner, an online file storage service, or your accountant or attorney.

At U.S. Trust, we understand that thoughtful organization takes time, and we stand ready to assist you as part of our comprehensive approach to wealth planning and serving the unique needs of our clients.

Eldercare planning issues today certainly impact finances, but they also impact the emotional well‐being of families. Providing families assistance in dealing not only with the financial aspects of eldercare but also in dealing with the emotional implications is what we believe makes our ElderCare Planning offering unique.

For questions about Your Personal Inventory Manager, please contact your U.S. Trustadvisor. You may also contact us through 1.800.USTRUST or the “have us contact you” link on

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At U.S. Trust, we understand that helping our clients get organized and plan for the future contributes to their comfort. Gathering and documenting critical personal, financial and medical information in one place is one important step you can take to prepare. 

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