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Women Ri$ing

Financial Advice for Women and Their Financial Future

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Women have made enormous gains—socially, professionally and economically—in the last few decades. And progress is being made on challenges that remain, such as the ongoing wage gap with men and balancing work with life’s other demands.

On this episode, our hosts Candace Browning, Lorna Sabbia and Marci McGregor offer practical steps and actions women can take today to help them work toward their best financial futures. Their conversation covers a wide range of topics—from tips and ideas for negotiating salary and promotions, to how women can make longevity their “best asset” in planning for retirement. And they explain why women’s unique life journeys, which often include cycling in and out of the job market to care for children or older loved ones, call for fresh and different approaches to how they save, invest and plan for the future.


Candace Browning

Headshot of Candace Browning

Head of
BofA Merrill Lynch
Global Research



Marci McGregor

Headshot of Michael Hartnett

Chief Investment Office,
Merrill and Bank of America Private Bank


Lorna Sabbia

Headshot of Christopher M. Hyzy

Head of Retirement and
Personal Wealth Solutions
with Bank of America


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