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Wealth Planning

Wealth planning starts with making sure that fundamental financial needs are being met, but then it goes beyond that: not just simply developing an estate plan, but focusing on aspirational goals by doing things in life with the wealth that they created that are meaningful to them.

My name is Nancy Kistner and I am a wealth planning director at U.S. Trust.

My role as a wealth strategist is really to work with clients in helping them integrate their financial, their trust and estate, their wealth transfer into a wealth plan.

And so I spend time really understanding family dynamics and really getting a true sense of what they'd like to accomplish with their wealth.

Typically it starts with family and making sure fundamentally that the financial needs are met, but then it goes beyond that, into, now that we've assessed and taken care of stabilizing whatever we need in sustaining our lifestyle throughout our lifetimes, how do we get to that next level, that aspirational level of being able to go from just simply developing an estate plan to really giving and doing things in life with the wealth that they created that is meaningful to them,

And we'll work together in collaboration to design a wealth plan that is going to make sense to them, that they actually feel they can implement. When the clients take action on their plan then I know that they feel it really is designed around who they are, what's important to them, and what they'd like to accomplish.

And they have a sense of contentment that they've really accomplished something that incorporates their goals, their values, their true intentions for their family and for their life.

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