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Tax Planning In An Era of Change

The U.S. Capital building

Tax Alerts and Resources

  • Why investors should start thinking strategically about capital gains and taxes. In a new installment of our Educational Series of reports, the Chief Investment Office provides an overview of capital gains.
  • Our annual summary of the many different federal income, gift and estate tax issues that commonly arise at year end. Many of these recur year after year. For example, various tax brackets and exemption amounts have been adjusted for inflation, and these are discussed in this year's guide.
2019 Tax rate guide
  • Our annual overview of various federal and state income and transfer tax rates for 2018 and 2019. This year's guide includes information on various annual inflation adjustments and numerous state income tax changes.
Annual federal limits relating to tax and financial planning 2019
  • The tax information provided in this guide is a high-level summary of certain tax rules. The rules described below are highly complex and exceptions may apply. In using this guide, you should confirm with a tax advisor whether and how the rules noted below apply to your particular circumstances.

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