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Case Study: Strategic Planning

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Example Client Profile

An educational foundation was participating in, and depending on, a large collaborative community event each year as its flagship fundraising initiative. Although the event was extremely successful in terms of meeting the fundraising goal, the partnership resulted in a blurring of identity between the organization and the fundraiser. Without clear definition, the organization struggled to achieve optimal levels of community awareness for its mission.

Action Steps Taken

To increase recognition of the organization’s role within the community, and to foster ongoing community involvement and donor support, our Nonprofit Consulting Team was asked for help. We:

  • Presented at the next board meeting and outlined steps to focus on better defining the mission of the organization and the development of a strategic plan.
  • Created goals, action plans, measurement metrics, and an ongoing timeline for the leadership to follow.
  • Performed a review of the organization’s current messaging and marketing resources to determine what would be needed to launch the strategic plan.
  • Worked to create a mission statement that would enable individuals and donors to differentiate their work from the fundraising event each year.
  • Consulted with individuals who had benefited from the school and used their comments to develop impact messaging to encapsulate the school’s mission and highlight its impact on alumni.
  • Held weekly phone calls with the Executive Director to maintain momentum on the action plan.
  • Drafted a strategic plan which was approved by the Executive Director.


  • Mission statement review and discussion enabled us to provide the communications team with a plan to develop a mini documentary on the school’s mission as a “storytelling” outreach to donors and the community at large.
  • Workshops and facilitated discussions led the board to commit to the creation of a strategic plan.
  • A strategic plan was created with joint approval and commitment from the Executive Director and the board. The comprehensive plan included revenue goals and accountability metrics.
  • Our team continues to lead discussions about the advancement of the organization’s mission, attainment of its goals and progress toward building a unique identity, and strategies for deepening donor relationships.

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