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Growth Town, U.S.A.

What's driving the growth of the U.S. economy, and can it keep going? We look at cities reinventing themselves across America to explore the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit of the country — and what it could mean for your financial future.

cityscape across from a river and in between 2 bridges

In “Growth Town, U.S.A.,” our hosts examine how recent growth in America’s economy has been driven by a surprising source—smaller cities and towns reinventing themselves. What advantages do these places have, and what could this trend say about our country’s economic future?

Pittsburgh, Louisville and Austin all have something in common: They, and other small cities, are helping to drive an often-overlooked revitalization across America’s heartland. And they’re part of what’s fueling America’s nine-year-long economic expansion, which next year will become the longest period of sustained growth since the Civil War.

Our hosts, Candace Browning, Michael Hartnett and Chris Hyzy, explore what’s needed to keep U.S. cities booming: the creation of high-tech jobs, the proximity of universities and industry, and a bigger recovery in the housing market and consumer lending. And they look at how investment opportunities are shifting in light of these new economic realities.


Christopher M. Hyzy

Headshot of Christopher M. Hyzy

Chief Investment Officer 
Merrill Lynch and U.S. Trust



Michael Hartnett

Headshot of Michael Hartnett

Chief Investment Strategist
BofA Merrill Lynch
Global Research 


Candace Browning

Headshot of Candace Browning

Head of BofA
Merrill Lynch Global Research 


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