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Bank of America proud to support TEFAF New York

Top-flight galleries, rigorous vetting and amazing programming make TEFAF New York ideal for collectors of all tastes and experience levels.

Bank of America Supports Community of Gallerists and Collectors at TEFAF New York

Art fairs are an abundant resource for aficionados, but few are as valuable as TEFAF New York—that is why Bank of America is proud to sponsor this event. The combination of top-flight galleries, the fair’s rigorous vetting process, educational panel discussions, and informal opportunities to connect with the bank’s Art Services team makes TEFAF New York the ideal platform for collectors of all tastes and experience levels.  


Why Bank of America supports TEFAF New York

This video is a series of interviews with the Bank of America Art Services team, and it explains why TEFAF is important to the art world and how Bank of America is a leading global supporter of the art community.

Our shared values around intrinsic value of art, transparency in the art market, and cultural sustainability makes Bank of America a great partner for TEFAF New York (May 12-16). The opportunity to engage with our clients around their most important asset—their art collections—is one the many reasons we support this leading fair in the art world.

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