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Cyber security

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The digitalization of our data, along with the rapid rise in online activity, has made our lives more efficient and connected than ever.  But it’s also given way to a growing rise in cyber crime.  In “Cyber Security,” we look at the growing threat—and steps we can take to protect ourselves.


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Email, social media, WiFi, online shopping, online banking—so much of the way we interact and communicate today is done digitally. And while this offers tremendous benefits, it’s also made large portions of our lives a tempting target for cyber criminals.

On this episode, our hosts Candace Browning, Chris Hyzy and Stephen Sparkes offer a number of practical steps and actions we can take to keep our digital lives safe. They look at the most common ways hackers try to trick us—and what individuals and companies can do to protect themselves. They also explore the larger impact on the economy, the types of technologies helping to counter the rise of cyber crime, and why cyber security could be the next great growth area for jobs in the future.


Candace Browning

Headshot of Candace Browning

Head of
BofA Global Research


Stephen Sparkes

Headshot of Michael Hartnett

Head of
Cyber Security Technology,
Bank of America


Christopher M. Hyzy

Headshot of Christopher M. Hyzy

Chief Investment Officer
Merrill and Bank of America Private Bank

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